Project #2: 5 – 7 – 5 Glitch Gif – Human Impact


“Nature and GIF’s have a few things in commons. One of these things being that they work in a cycle. Image after image after image after image. Similarly, death after life after death after life. These cycles will continue on their paths, but one thing can break the cycle: human life. Whether it being by pausing or polluting, all things will come to an end.”


When creating my GIF’s, I had to first decide what the images were going to be and what message I wanted to project. One topic that I am passionate about is the environment and the impact humans have on it.

From there, I found images that represent the before and after effects of human development and impact on the environment. Once I gathered my images, I put each image through Audacity, any audio editing application, and created some glitched versions of the original images. By using the different effect options in Audacity, I was able to permanently alter the appearance of the image, thus creating the glitched effect. I did this until I had five images of a forest, seven images of a coral reef, and five images of a beach.

I took these images and imported them into Photoshop so that I could put them together as a GIF. Using the Timeline feature, I was able to put the sets of images in a frame animation to create three different GIF’s. The first GIF contains five frames and is five seconds long. The second one is seven frames and is seven seconds long, and the final GIF is five frames and is five seconds long.

Published by Martin Fernandez

Just a nerd who loves to play video games, draw, and do other weird things! XD

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